Research Recruitment

The Wireless RERC is recruiting research participants for the following research studies. Please review for details. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to the contact provided in the flyer or complete the brief screener for that particular study.

Technology and Disability Research Registry

Short Description: The purpose of the Technology and Disability Research (TDR) registry is to support technology use among persons with disabilities by sharing technology-related research participation opportunities and educational information with persons with disabilities, caregivers, and professionals who provide health or social services to persons with disabilities.

More Information: Technology and Disability Research (TDR) Registry PDF Flyer

Smart Speaker and Skill Use: What Do We Know?

Short Description: The purpose of this study is to help us learn about persons with disabilities experiences using smart speaker skills.

More Information: Smart Speaker and Skill Use PDF Flyer

ASSIST Pilot Study

Short Description: This research study is meant to help us evaluate the ASSIST service delivery model’s ability to support assessment of persons with physical disabilities independent living skills and introduction of mainstream smart home technology for use as assistive technology to support participation.

More Information: ASSIST Pilot Study PDF Flyer