Nithin Ayiluri, MS

Nithin Ayiluri is a computer engineer at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) with over six years of professional experience working in startups and enterprises. Ayiluri has participated in various large-scale software development projects for web, desktop, and mobile platforms as a full-stack developer. His interests include cloud computing, computer security, distributed systems, accessible web, and mobile application development. He earned his MS degree in computer science from the University of New Orleans with a specialization in computer security.

Current Project(s):

Co-Investigator, Inclusive Innovation
Software Engineer of the RERC

Fun Tech Fact Questions & Answers: 

Q: Mainstream tech device you can’t live without? Why? 

A: MacBook Pro, I like the smooth user interface and performance it offers, greatly increases my productivity when developing projects. Also, Echo Dot, I like the useful hand's free features like music, news, utilities, and controlling smart home devices.

Q: What was your first cell phone?

A: The good old Nokia 1100 was built like a rock.

Q: What mainstream tech device is at the top of your wish list?

A: A custom built gaming PC.

Q: If you were a mainstream tech device, what would you be, and why? 

A: The iPod, I can play and listen to the music I want "for free."