Gina McKernan, PhD

Gina McKernan, PhD, is a data scientist and biostatistician, with over 15 years of industry and academic experience. She has a multidisciplinary background in statistics, measurement, and research, working within Integrated Delivery and Finance Systems (IDFS) at Pitt, and the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. Dr. McKernan led the healthcare marketing industry in using statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to design service utilization, cost-savings, and capacity planning models in both the payor and provider space. The first two years of her academic career has resulted in an immersion of primary and secondary research projects focused on the evaluation of technology, protocols, interventions, and data associated with improving the quality of life in persons with disabilities. 

Current Project(s):

Co-Investigator, R1 Voice of Stakeholders 
Statistician of the RERC

Fun Tech Fact Questions & Answers:

Q: Mainstream tech device you can’t live without? Why?  

A: Laptop. I’m a terrible text-er. I sometimes type things out and email them to myself.

Q: What was your first cell phone?  

A: Oh gosh. It was a Nokia I think. It was basically a pager that could talk.

Q: What mainstream tech device is at the top of your wish list?  

A: My kids broke my tablet so probably a new one.

Q: If you were a mainstream tech device, what would you be, and why?  

A: I’d probably be an android phone. I prefer android over apple and I feel like it’s the more capable of the two.