Cheng-Shui (Joshua) Chung, PhD

Cheng-Shui Chung, Ph.D. is a research scientist at Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) with a background in mechanical and biomedical engineering and a Ph.D. in rehabilitation science. He was a NIDILRR ARRT Fellow and Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Research Fellow. Dr. Chung has extensive technical skills in robotics, machine learning, and mechatronics, and his research is primarily on human-robot interfaces and assistive technologies for people with disabilities. 

Current Project(s):

Project Leader, Inclusive Innovation

Fun Tech Fact Questions & Answers:

Q: Mainstream tech device you can’t live without?

A: Wifi access point. Why? It's the gateway to all the information.

Q: What was your first cell phone?  

A: Personal Handy-phone System (PHS) Phone.

Q: What mainstream tech device is at the top of your wish list?  

A: Low power, wireless communication and charging, and powerful devices.