Andi Saptono, PhD.

Andi Saptono, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Information Management (HIM) in Pitt SHRS. He has strong technical qualifications with a track record of more than 15 years of hands-on experience in information technology system development and product management. He has extensive experience creating technology platforms to deliver mHealth and telehealth services and conducting usability evaluations through the use of a formal user-centric approach. Dr. Saptono has served as a project leader in previous RERCs, including RERC on Telerehabilitation and Access. 

Current Project(s):

Project Leader, Mobile Access Assessment

Fun Tech Fact Questions & Answers:

Q: Mainstream tech device you can’t live without? Why?  

A: Portable gaming device. These devices usually push the boundary of technology to the limit, allowing game developers to deliver new and innovative gaming experiences. Exploring those ideas allows me to get a glimpse of what we, as a collective human beings, view the future as . Just like reading sci-fi books allows us to dream beyond the boundaries of our current ability (think about those star-related sci-fi!). Hacking and modifying these devices and converting them to a multi-purpose device allows me to test out those new technology at a lower cost (compared to purchasing a specialized, new device). Also, there’s the constant challenge of accessibility: how to make these devices accessible to individuals with limitation; the solutions to this challenge can be applicable to many other mainstream technology as well. 

Q: What was your first cell phone?  

A: Samsung T400. Dual screen, flip phones, as strong as a brick. Extra slot to put a mini SD card, allowing me to fit a book in it (not very readable, but hey, it allows me to use it as portable book reader). Very nice! 

Q: What mainstream tech device is at the top of your wish list? 

Currently, I’m looking to test Steam’s Steam Deck, a portable handheld gaming computer. The specification seems to indicate that this equipment has very powerful computing in a very compact form.  

Another tech that is also somewhat at the top of my wish list is the portable virtual/augment reality system, such as Oculus Quest or Microsoft Holodeck. Combining these two opens up many interesting ideas. Imagine relaxing at the park enjoying the sun while attending your class. I remember, at one point, Google used this combination (using Google’s computing platform, of course) to ‘teleport’ veterans from all over the US into the veteran parade during Memorial Day. Even when they were not physically there (at the parade), they were able to see everyone around, heard their cheering, as if they were in the middle of the platform surrounded by loved ones. That was a very awesome use of technology, I say! 

 Q: What new tech can you not get enough of?  

A: Portable technology, virtual reality technology, 3D printing technology, and recently I’m looking into drone technology, with the application for personal carrier. Yes, flying cars! 

Q: If you were a mainstream tech device, what would you be, and why?  

A: I probably would be a smartphone. Able to do many things, as long as you install the correct app. Also not actually that smart, even when the word itself is embedded into its name!